slang social

Hello world :) It's Slang, a product studio by us, AA & BK.

Why we're building a studio

We've each worked on a wide range of products across consumer and B2B and social, media, healthcare, dev tools, etc.

One of the things we've both learned is that the first idea or the one you're most passionate about is very rarely the end product that is successful. And the faster you can turn ideas into execution, the faster you can find out the answer of what works, what doesn't, and what to do next.

We've also seen that the market for many types of products is saturated, whether it's software, apps, content, or something else. Attention is scarce and success is fleeting. In this landscape, a 'good' product doesn't guarantee success. There are no big white spaces or simple distribution hacks; you have to find the tiny advantages and arbitrages where you can.

With all this in mind, we believe in the studio approach, both from an inputs and outputs perspective. Build fast, ship often, have fun doing it, and accumulate both failures and successes along the way.

What we'll be working on

Slang is focused on building consumer products with a social bent. Sometimes that means 'pure' social apps, but many times it won't (especially because the concept of a 'social product' and the landcsape is always evolving).

These are some principles we'll keep in mind:

  • Build what we want: work on things that we would use even if there's a stronger target use case or user out there

  • Deliver unique experiences: it's not just about utility, it's about creating something opinionated and hence unique

  • Compound the effort: think about how ideas and components we build can be leveraged to accelerate the next thing

What you can expect

We'll be making and shipping products regularly in the MVP stage. We're figuring out the exact balance of building 'in public' versus private, but leaning towards the former (so watch out for TestFlight links coming soon). We're also open to the idea of building one-off products (or more) with other builders, so feel free to reach out if you want to collab on something!

We'll be sharing some thoughts about the process and products we make along the way, so keep tabs on the Slang blog! And feel free to DM us on Twitter or email us if you're curious about anything we're working on or want to chat. 💛